Unified Communication and Collaboration Scale Recovery During Critical Events

We know critical events do not limit to a specific domain and it impacts everything at large. Business leaders thus have been identifying business resilience efforts for familiar critical events that include terrorisms, natural disasters, pandemics, telecom outages, cyberattacks, data breaches, server downtime, and many more other possible scenarios. Despite business leaders have preparedness strategies, a different kind of threat environment may impact their efforts to keep up with business continuity and resilience.

Even though you forecast threats and unleash the best efforts, your attempts for business resilience may not work to the fullest when impacted by uncertain pandemics like COVID-19. For the worst-case scenario, the synchronicity of COVID-19 converges and influences other critical events to appear stern and complicated to handle for the world. That was the reason why businesses around the world have incurred losses and still facing hurdles. This is the biggest picture of critical events which is integral to one another.

However, when we talk about a critical event, it does not broadly relate to the high impact volcanic eruption, flood, or anything else. It may refer to incidents that affect your operation at the initial stage.

Be it COVID like critical events or small events, they lead to one common consequence- financial losses, a threat to life, and also reputation damage.

Crisis communication and collaboration that is flexible, scalable, and transparent can give business leaders the speed and power to address challenges much before they appear and impact the business.

In essence, what today’s business leaders need is a crisis communication and collaboration tool to facilitate a critical event management plan with powerful capabilities including multi-modal delivery, two-way communications to coordinate with everyone involved while keeping every stakeholder informed.

Zapoj enables powerful communication and collaboration during critical events and gives all stakeholders the opportunity to work better together towards running initial response, performing the right task, restoring incidents, and continuing business operations.


Zapoj architecting crisis communications for your organizations

Thousands of best possible case scenarios related to critical events may appear for your business. If we imagine a conventional fire in your office, what would be the first step of your action plan? Owing to this scenario, Zapoj has tools and features that you can use to implement better preparedness efforts. Now, how should business leaders accomplish their efforts? Let’s deep dive into it.


Building relevant plans and policies

As part of your preparedness effort, you should have a plan that includes everything about handling emergency responses, assessing risks, notifying stakeholders to follow-up recovery. Without you having a plan, you play around with guesswork and expect everyone should be aware of their respective responsibility and recovery preparedness. But, this strategy does not work and brings more risks than you could imagine. Be more proactive and rather than just hoping for the best thing to happen, you must have critical event management or a unified communication tool platform – Zapoj, that takes out anticipation and moves you forward to a better solution.

Using task management in Zapoj, you can have your critical event management plans and policies ready and make them accessible to every stakeholder so that they can be aware of specific tasks to be performed during the critical event. Supported by two-way communications, when any critical event occurs, business leaders can make informed decisions and keep everyone informed about what is currently happening internally in the organization and future course of action. Any individual at risk can be reached immediately using emergency notifications, and thus ensuring their safety at future events too.

Business continuity plans can be also be kept in a unified drive, making it easily accessible too for everyone in the organization. No matter where you are, anyone in your team can easily get hold of important information from the drive and share it between team members. Accelerating engagement is twice as effective during critical events.


Using predefined templates

During critical events, cognitive intelligence stops working impeding communications to flow at normal speed. In about 80% of cases, figuring out what to communicate becomes tough. Zapoj allows you to build critical communication templates in advance and restore them either in drive or CEM platform.

These templates are error-free and tailored to specific incidents that can escalate on detecting specific emergencies and reach the right person to respond at the right time from CEM. As is with drive, a responder can shuffle through drive and send informative notifications to your employees.  With contextual and clear messages, you communicate in less than predictable time, reduce response time to act, run rescue operations, and keep your employees safe.


Targeting personnel by locations

Zapoj can let you build a database or contact center with updated employee information with proper contact numbers, email addresses, residential addresses, and other core information.


During any critical events, Zapoj mass notifications can target employees using visual geographic maps or dynamic targeting such as IP addresses so that operator can easily reach the person to alert him or her. The workflows of these emergency notifications will followup when missed the initial alert. Thus, Zapoj brings the flexibility of two-way communication that keeps flowing until the emergency message is acknowledged.


Collaborating through the multi-channel delivery pathway

Improving response time during crises is the ultimate goal of Zapoj that keeps people engaged in a fantastic way. Its multi-channel notification delivery pathway is consistent across all channels while maintaining the significance of messages at any condition. A responder can automate any critical notifications on devices like social media, phone, desktop, pager, and others. Regardless of where your people are, messages in the form of voice calls, SMS, emails, social media messages can reach them. So, every time you send, you can ensure your messages are correct and contextual so as to avoid confusion and panic while helping mitigate the business risks with immediate effect.

With Zapoj, we can expect no delay can impede our effort to restore critical event impacts and resume normalcy.

Zapoj provides a scalable solution with its multidimensional features- mass notifications, emergency alerting, drive, task management, IT alerting, and more to facilitate relentless recovery efforts for critical events. If you want a rapid recovery process, Zapoj is the tool that provides you the freedom to help your people stay informed and safe.


Why Critical Event Management Is Important For Your Business?

Critical events are unpredictable. But, business leaders are accountable for managing unforeseeable critical events which are apparent in day-to-day operations.

Workplace violence, IT outages, cyber threats, natural disasters, extreme weather, terror attacks, riots, geopolitical crises, and others are twice as more relevant at the present time. Unfortunately, any of these critical events can be threatening to the supply chain operations as it can delay raw material delivery, product manufacturing, on-time delivery to customers, and finally impact the user experience. Also, the risk of business disruption is much higher.


Critical Event Threats To Your Business Continuity

Businesses can be at risk every day, any time. Critical events can be disruptive when they take shape as extreme weather like storms or cyclones, and earthquakes, floods, pandemics to name a few. These are ceaseless disruptions and omnipresent at any point in time.

For organizations looking to combat critical event threats, using tools that lack an end-to-end recovery process and include fewer resources can impede their business recovery strategies. Hence, risk management professionals are unable to map potential business threats and have enough time to react to them. As a result, the failure gives rise to uncertainties and you cannot avoid the negative impacts of critical events.

The Global Risks Report 2020 released by the World Economic Forum raised concerns about growing critical threats to humans as well as businesses. The report also sheds light on the top five risks in the future.

So many glaring critical threats last year or previous years put a huge financial strain on businesses.

  • COVID alone resulted in $29 billion in lost revenues.
  • An estimated loss of Cyclone Amphan was $130 million.
  • Climate and weather incurred losses of $1 billion during 2019.
  • According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime is about to add to losses of up to $6 trillion in 2021 and for wrong reasons, small businesses are the greatest target. Also, cybercrime to cost the world$10.5 trillion by 2025.

Apart from financial losses, there are more risks associated with critical events. These include

The nature of events can be anything, but if they impact your business and assets, they are critical and you must be equipped with the right CEM tool to satisfy your goal. Critical Event Management provides a unified, automated, and collaborative tool to take control of future critical events well in advance.

Experts believe that Critical Event Management can come to the rescue of all of these emergencies or even small events. An emergency tool that gives you immediate access to form critical communication and automate unified responses to emergencies is the most effective critical management tool for every business irrespective of its size. Keeping your people informed and safe at every step of critical events is the best way to keep your business running and avoid losses.


Zapoj Empowers Businesses to Implement Infectious Disease Tracking

Today’s business needs to be resilient at all levels all while ensuring disease is far beyond the reach of your employees and people to give them a safer experience. Infectious disease tracking is key to staying ahead of infectious disease risks, preventing your employees from being exposed to infection, restricting transmission, ensuring employee wellness, and boosting their readiness to join offices. Zapoj CEM platform is a powerful end-to-end infectious disease tracking or contact tracing software helping business boost their confidence to facilitate the return to work as seamlessly as possible.


Zapoj CEM platform keeps businesses ahead of the COVID-19 vulnerabilities

Zapoj critical event management software harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to deep understand the source of the infection so businesses can hurriedly get insights into where is the risks generating from, how’s the impact going to be, and finally it simplifies decision making.

Leveraging this critical event management tool, it will be 10x easier to identify risk patterns related to COVID-19 in real-time which means you can take immediate action that restricts the spread of the disease and keep with government compliance.


How it works?

Zapoj CEM is more capable than Bluetooth-enabled contact tracing mobile apps.

The data accuracy is not always at par standard with what governments or organizations actually need to handle disease efficiently using Bluetooth contact tracing apps. To pull information from people being in the proximity of infectious persons or personally infected, apps must require people to give consent to use it. Owing to this fact, privacy becomes a concern for these people, limiting the collection of adequate information.

Harnessing the CEM capabilities of Zapoj; businesses and individuals can get better versions of infectious disease tracking flexibility.

COVID-19 tracking means you have risk intelligence in place to help your business keep track of contact events that may cause infection. Based on the fact of this information, businesses can immediately notify the person who has been in contact with the infected person. On a broader scale, organizations can identify potential threats to their employees, notify them to be extra cautious, suggest tests, and respond accordingly to ensure their wellness.

Without having to violate employee privacy, Zapoj gives every organization an opportunity to use location intelligence or awareness of their employees to accelerate the process of infection disease tracking.


Comprehensive location-tracking with Zapoj

Zapoj flexibly adapts to your organization’s contact management system which you’ve built for different purposes. On the other hand, if you don’t have such contact management, Zapoj CEM allows you to create a contact database that works in tandem with your organization’s compliance policy.

Location-based infectious disease tracking becomes much easier with available data such as GPS signals, addresses, contact numbers, Wi-Fi location. Zapoj dashboard provides situational awareness into identifying the person through an in-depth route mapping where the COVID-19 positive person may have moved about and uncovers other contacts with potential threats. With all tracked contacts being identified and notified, you can easily strategize isolation, wellness programs, and restrict the infection from spreading.

An advantage with Zapoj CEM is that it has built-in mass notifications and emergency alerting systems. So, not every end-user has to download it. With an accurate COVID-19 infection update in your hand, you can automate notifications or alerts right through the Zapoj dashboard which reaches the right person at the right time via a multimodal delivery path. It can be social media alerts, texts, emails, voice calls – so anything that your employees use which ensures every critical message works effectively with real-time feedback.

Geofencing and location tracking – these two intelligent tools embedded in Zapoj gives efficiency in density management in shared paces like conference rooms, cafeteria, and other places. This is a way forward to keeping you ahead of all potential threats, making risk assessment easier. It also ensures you embrace the return to work rapidly and provide a safe place for your employees to mobilize your operations.


The Biggest Problem with Vaccine Outreach Management and How You Can Fix It

From vaccines to vaccination- this is the most critical stage of making our community safe and disease-free from COVID-19 attacks. We are heading to putting into effective large-scale vaccination plans devised to make corona vaccine outreach robust and fast for everyone. But, the way to the COVID-19 vaccination program is not so smooth. From the transit, stocking points to administration, it has challenges to overcome.

The COVID-19 aggravated by the new strains, already has misinformation, lack of awareness, and knowledge surfacing around, making people feel panicked, intimidated, and doubtful about its vaccination program’s efficacy.

The fact is every step of the distribution journey needs to be fact-filled with a careful approach of making it accessible to everyone, especially those who need them on the highest priority basis.

In achieving success in the vaccination program, all we need is to educate everyone involved in the process. To make a more robust, transparent distribution strategy, we must build an interconnected system between public and distribution centers- primary health centers and community health centers to help people access a vaccination effortlessly and with ease.

Unified critical communication solutions or critical event management can be the right tool in ensuring the vaccination program is on the right path and achieves its goals at large.

Zapoj- Finding Solutions to corona vaccine outreach management problems


Locations for vaccinations/updates/ schedules/ changes to locations

Cold chain storage ensures the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. Right at this moment, there are limited resources available that can meet this demand. To prevent a COVID-19 outbreak, we need to discover accurate and precise geographic routes consistent with vaccine preservation norms. Additionally, far-flung and highly densely populated communities where power supply and transportations are scarce can create hurdles to the whole vaccination program. Healthcare facilities or public healthcare systems can face critical issues with location identification and updating their people about vaccine schedules.

Zapoj CEM or Critical Event Management that features two-way communication and mass notifications can address all of these challenges.

  • It gives you the ability to use a built-in Geographic Information System or GIS driven by location intelligence. You can determine your routes to key locations where vaccines must be delivered and preserved for communities lacking proper immunization infrastructure.
  • Location intelligence also helps your community find available COVID-19 vaccine or testing centers.
  • As you get your communities to sign up for Zapoj, you can establish a two-way communication network. This is the fastest and accurate way of sending and receiving updates about COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Peer-to-peer communication helps you determine stock availability and plan schedules with a new batch of the vaccine.
  • You can notify the next schedules of vaccine administration too.


Reminder notifications for the first and second dose

Dosage tracking is critical to ensuring that the first and second doses have been administered successfully. With communities lacking proper resources to keep check with vaccination status, there is a high risk for government resources, effort, and plans being wasted.

Reminder notifications can easily communicate the status of doses. Zapoj makes sending reminder notifications and sensitive alerts safe and effective.


  • As individuals sign up for notifications, Zapoj accelerates the transit of mass notifications or alerts via SMS, email, phone call,  web, and even an app.
  • You can increase awareness for signup notifications by promoting them on social media, media, and local networks. Keep your local community updated about the latest happenings around vaccinations.
  • Zapoj can be best used to create time slots for appointments and send reminders for the first doses.
  • Two-way notifications help public health, pharmacists, clinicians, and others verify vaccination scheduling for the second dose.
  • Public health departments can better manage two administrations of vaccinations to ensure optimal efficacy. The reminder strategy works better here. They can allocate vaccines and communicate in real-time if any changes in schedules occur.


Follow up polling and wellness checks

The government does not have the infrastructure and trained workforce to reach every part of the location and carry out the wellness checks to assess health status post-vaccination. However, failure to address this critical part of the job may hit back the strategy.

Using integrated mass notification or alerting systems, medical volunteers, or public health departments can bolster monitoring on the vaccination outreach.

  • Everyone can communicate their health status and get the ability to keep track of the outcomes of the vaccination program.
  • Based on the data collected via Zapoj, you can schedule follow-up and wellness checks for consumers.
  • It is fast and easy to connect with families and friends who share their experiences with vaccinations.
  • This integrated system helps your community determine their eligibility for the program.

Rumor control to targeted neighborhoods

Misinformation has a mixed public reaction on the efficacy and safety of the vaccines, hence hesitancy can impact vaccine outreach management or coverage efforts.

Zapoj CEM helps health and human services provide accurate information to its people and educate them on a core level.

Zapoj CEM role during vaccine distribution includes

  • Build a collaboration platform where information about vaccination and reporting can be shared among the health departments.
  • Deliver accurate information to your people and eliminate ambiguity about the effectiveness of vaccination.
  • Every clinician or medical facility can provide relevant data to notify its people of the availability of vaccines and tell them where to go for vaccinations.


Vaccine efficacy polling or symptoms post-vaccine polling

We need a granular level update about how the vaccination has effectively worked so far. A country, which is overly crowded can’t meet this requirement and get assessment right per head. The fact is many backward countries don’t own the right tools or resources that can ease the process of vaccination polling.

Mass notifications give public health departments an opportunity to simplify this critical process. Zapoj helps you connect with the community at dispersed locations and capture feedback in real-time using its geo-targeted notifications.

  • Health departments can track people to uncover any potential or adverse risk associated with the vaccines.
  • Auto-escalation messaging connects with people at a specified interval and collects accurate information that determines the efficacy of the post-immunization program.


Breaking language barrier 

Different people speak different languages, making it tough for health authorities to establish an easy two-way communication exchange.  Lack of context can add more ambiguity and confusion for people who don’t understand the government message about vaccination.

But, Zapoj has multi-lingual messaging capabilities that simplify the understanding of critical information rapidly and easily.

  • You can get your community a flexible and comfortable way to communicate and exchange. It gives everyone the ability to speak or text in any language they prefer.
  • This input can be useful to build a national database that gives access to vaccine monitoring and helps with clinical assessment.
  • All health authorities can identify and communicate the vaccine requirements on a priority basis.

Zapoj’s Mass Notifications have a powerful tool with multi-lingual features that can simplify understanding, help receive accurate information, and make informed decisions. Zapoj goes hand-in-hand and provides complete support in making Coronavirus Vaccine Outreach a success.