Proactive Risk Intelligence

It’s humanly impossible to be in multiple places at  once and have eyes on every situation that could possibly impact your people, operations, and assets globally. And yet, that’s exactly what businesses with multi-location must do.

Managing business with multiple locations is very different than managing a single site, with distinct challenges and added complexity. For companies with multiple locations, monitoring all the potential threats that could impact their workforce, customers, and properties—at anytime, anywhere in the world—is a far more complex, laborious proposition and error prone task.

Zapoj Visual Risk Intelligence

Zapoj Visual Risk Intelligence helps visualize and orchestrate critical event management (CEM). When a risk is detected near an asset or employee location, Risk Intelligence automatically generates an alert and provides tools to assess and take immediate action to mitigate the impact. This empowers your team to know early, know the Situation to Act Now.

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ZAPOJ Mass notifications

A quick and reliable tool to activate response teams and mitigate risks from severe weather, Facilities disruptions to critical equipment failure.

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Top 4 Reasons Why organizations need to adopt AI – Powered CEM

Gain situational awareness, act with confidence and attain a common operating picture of your entire organization’s critical event management processes. Globally every day, thousands of potential critical events take place at various times of the day.

These events may have a direct or indirect impact on the businesses in that area or elsewhere in the world. To respond effectively, crisis management teams need to gain complete situational awareness with the available data. As a crisis management team, you need a solid understanding of the critical events that pose a threat to your organization’s assets, be it people, facilities, supply chains or IT systems. You need confidence that the information and overall situational intelligence you’re getting is reliable and accurate to the time.

Vaccine Drive Message Templates

State and local governments around the world have already started vaccinating their populations. While employees and organizations alike have long-awaited this milestone, there are a number of steps and critical communication efforts that your organization will likely need to take as employees begin to get vaccinated in order to ensure a safe return to offices and other workplaces. With Zapoj CEM platform, you can organize all critical communications concerning the COVID-19 vaccine, making it easy to distribute critical information, keep accurate records of employees’ vaccination status, and provide your people with a dedicated place to access resources and ask questions.

The Message templates in this document will help organizations effectively communicate through any scenario that you and your employees may face during the COVID-19 vaccine distribution and successful Return to Work:

Once you’ve identified the information that needs to be communicated, you need to determine how you will deliver your message. It’s important to tailor your message to different notification types and communication channels to ensure that it reaches the right people at the right time. Download the document for some of the best practices you should keep in mind when sending notifications:

Return To Work Checklist

Returning to the workplace is something every business aims to do following the COVID-19 pandemic. Reopening your business will require dedication and proper planning to ensure your business is in compliance with all regulations and maintains the high standards necessary for employee safety. Follow this high-level checklist of considerations as you plan to reopen your organization and bring employees back to the workplace.

Mass Notification Management

Enables organizations to send notification contact paths to individuals or groups using lists, locations, and Geo intelligence. This comprehensive notification solution keeps your contacts informed before, during, and after all events like operational incidents, and emergencies.

Zsuite Incident Management

Ready to launch workflows with response teams, standard operating procedures, and communication paths.Analytics to identify gaps and improve mean time between failures

Zsuite Critical Event Management Suite

With built-in AI-powered Visual Risk Intelligence, incident workflows and critical communications improve the response team’s productivity and crisis management, thereby efficiently maintaining business continuity.
Zsuite, a critical event management and resolution collaboration software engineered to minimize disruptions proactively. Zsuite enables organizations to predict, act, orchestrate and collaborate during any form of critical disruptions to business operations and helps businesses to continue carrying out their mission even after the disruption.