Top 5 Reasons Why Remote Work Is Here To Stay

The lasting effects of workplace disruptions from the coronavirus pandemic are reflected where millions of employees transitioned from offices to their homes. Most of these employees were adjusting to a new way of working for the first time.

Despite the negative orientation of remote work, companies and employees have now realized the positive impact of working remotely such as reduced costs, employee satisfaction and enhanced productivity.

Many large firms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Nationwide, have changed their workplace policies to allow their employees to work remotely indefinitely. Remote jobs have become a permanent aspect of business operations even post-pandemic.

We are sharing five solid reasons why remote work is here to stay.

1. Global Talent Pool

By tapping into pools of remote workers, organizations offering remote work have a better chance of attracting high-caliber candidates. Many of these untapped talent pools include people living in rural areas; others outside the mainstream workforce, like stay-at-home parents, individuals caring for elderly relatives, and gig workers and retirees.

Companies no longer have to operate within their country’s borders and rely on their geographical location for recruiting the right talent. They can now hire remote workers globally and recruit talents from around the globe.

2. Employers Save Money

The remote work model can drastically reduce rental and utilities and infrastructure costs which makes it a profitable company. Based on the location, employers can acquire and retain the skills as required at less competitive costs. A remote workforce can significantly reduce overheads and benefit from saving monthly expenses for employers. They are likely to take unexpected days off and coordinate appointments because of the work flexibility.

3. Employees’ Save Costs

A remote workspace is also extremely economical for employees. Having to no longer commute to the office means reduced expenses on things like fuel, commuting fares, and dry cleaning, clothes, and grooming.

4. Increased Productivity

The pandemic has broken the misconceptions of remote work. The reality hit way differently. Remote workers are more productive and typically spend long working hours, as they’re no need to commute to work, saving time to work for employees. A Stanford study suggests some employees perform best from home. It is increasingly recognized that productivity standards are most clearly aligned with the company’s overall objectives.

There is a massive improvement of 13% in performance of people working from home. Free from the stress of commuting, office distractions, and complex systems, remote employees are more focused and produce high-quality work. With flexibility, they are also willing to put in extra hours to get the job done. In turn, this leads to higher output, higher employee engagement, and improved efficiency at the company as a whole.

5. Healthier Work-Life Balance

Remote work gives employees the flexibility to adjust their schedules to their work. They’re able to manage day-to-day chores, homeschooling, and exercising without negatively affecting the productivity of their days. Employees feel happier, more relaxed, and more in control of their life; as a result, they are less stressed and productive.

A healthier work-life balance improves retention rate and employee satisfaction. Companies should be flexible as possible, all they need to do is trust your remote workforce and they will deliver great results.

The Future of work

The world is eventually recovering from the pandemic. Progressive organizations are likely to embrace more flexible work models that empower the workforce. Business leaders are retrospect of lessons learned from the pandemic crisis and will be functioning according to foreseeable future demands.

Out-of-the-box approaches and the adoption of technologies have connected employees to deliver another level of agility during the crisis. It is safe to say remote work will continue to expand to acquire new opportunities to remain relevant and to survive.

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Zapoj Brings Economic Solution To Audio/Video Calls with Built-In Project Management For Businesses

Remote work needs highly scalable communication and collaboration tools to keep everyone updated. Unlike traditional offices, businesses have little to none of the communication channels that foster the new norm of work from home strategy.

Working with emails adds up to woes as continuous to and fro makes it more frustrating to look for important information while affecting team productivity that is being wasted after tracking email chains. . Hence, people were quick to adopt video and audio calling solutions the moment coronavirus forced them to stay indoors.

But informal communication is the same as the necessary information sharing that goes into professional project management. Switching from various third-party apps time and again will only lead to a lot of inconveniences and inefficiency. So what can be your solution? You need Zapoj.

Zapoj provides a unified platform solution that embeds audio/ video calling and screen sharing capabilities along with built-in project management features. No more confusion as to where to schedule your call and track all the information shared. Zapoj makes it all easy.


Why You Do You Need Audio /Video And Screen Sharing

Imagine a day at work without being able to talk to your teammates. It wouldn’t exactly be a workday. In a world where working from home is the new norm, a workday has to tackle quite a few daily challenges. Video conferencing and audio calls are integral to remote working.
Starting from your daily status call, you need the help of a collaboration tool to make sure all of your team is on the same page.

Communication tools become even more important when you are working on dependent tasks. You will need to be continually engaged to capture the task details properly and receive the deliverables properly.

For instance, you have some issues with your technical setup. Your software needs to be reconfigured, and your colleague can help you. An easy way to go about would be to screen-share your desktop, talk through the steps, and get it done in a few minutes rather than waste precious productive hours on something so trivial.

You need to spend each minute of your work hour on the task at hand, and proper collaboration tools help you do that.

Knowledge transfers, product demos can all be seamlessly carried out with the help of screen sharing and video conferences.

There may be a lot of communication tools available on the market. But none comes close to the economical and affordable solution provided by Zapoj.

If you look for an integrated and consistent collaboration tool, Zapoj can provide all of it. It supports audio calls, video calls, online conferences, unified drive support, and real-time screen sharing, all available from one unified platform.

Struggling to switch between apps? Do it all with Zapoj. Share your screen as you talk, chat just as you view webinars, and do more with a single economical solution.


Role Of Zapoj in Agile Project Management

Zapoj Brings Economic Solution To Audio/Video Calls with Built-In Project Management For Businesses

Agile software development is the most sought-after software development model due to its efficiency and ability to adapt to changing requirements. Unlike the traditional waterfall model, agile does not depend on rigid documentations. Agile is an empirical process that relies on continuous collaboration and engagement with each of the team members.

Each sprint starts with a sprint planning meeting, and every day of the sprint begins with a status call.
You will be making the right project estimation right from the beginning of each sprint, and all of the information communicated should be tracked via agile artifacts.

And it is not just your team members you will be talking to. You will also include all the key stakeholders, customers, and value teams to make sure your project is progressing in the right direction.

Communication is a crucial part of agile processes. For instance, consider the kanban process. In an agile kanban process, you would be continuously tracking the user story progress using visual tools like storyboards. When you are in your office, all you have to do is maintain a physical storyboard and move it across as your sprint progresses. But in a remote setup, it takes a lot more. You need to communicate your status and make sure the information is properly presented as well.

The best way to go about it is to include screen-sharing capabilities and make sure all project artifacts are accessible from your collaboration tools.

And guess what? Zapoj is once again the best answer to optimizing your agile process. Zapoj ensures a streamlined workflow where you can readily access and include project artifacts as part of your interactions.

No more silos and no more wasted productive hours. Zapoj lets you integrate efficient agile project management with your communication tools. Now you can schedule your scrum calls and track the resulting artifacts all from one place.


Use Zapoj For Better Productivity

Zapoj Brings Economic Solution To Audio/Video Calls with Built-In Project Management For Businesses

The recent pandemic situation was quite unexpected. It was forcing organizations to adopt full-fledged digitization over a couple of weeks. Teams that were previously using video conferences very rarely are now grappling to use them every day.

Better yet, some teams are getting into remote audio calls and video callings for the first time now. This can lead to the arbitrary use of communication tools.

When you are communicating in a professional context, you have to ensure data privacy and confidentiality. Not all third-party apps can assure you of data compliance.

There would also be concerns regarding the collection of data from the various applications you use. When several teams use different applications, it can get challenging to organize data and the overall organizational workflow.

Hence, it is a good practice and highly recommended to avoid switching apps for your project communications.
Choose Zapoj and stick with it. You get a unified communication platform with support for project management.
Zapoj solutions can all be accessed from any device, be it your smartphone, Desktop PC, or laptop. Enhance your productivity using Zapoj to get an efficient and seamless experience across multiple devices.


Zapoj Workspaces- More Than Just Independent Communication and Collaboration Platforms

Zapoj Workspaces

When virtual offices are becoming the norm, you need more than just communication tools to run efficient business operations. You need robust collaboration tools that allow for easy information sharing and efficient workflows.

With Zapoj, you get everything you need to emulate a winning virtual work environment. No more information silos, no more loss of productive hours, and no more operational inefficiencies. Zapoj provides you with a complete solution that will be the technology pillar of strength your organization desperately needs.

Unify And Bridge The Gaps In Communications And Collaborations

Everyone accepts the fact that communication is key to success in any remote work environment. But what people often forget is the importance of the right communication tools to make it all work. Here are some challenges that organizations face as they make the shift towards a remote work culture:

  • Siloed communications and collaborations
  • Micromanagement that can interrupt productivity
  • Technology difficulties and gaps

Communication gaps alone can cost you millions in terms of productivity loss and incorrect business flows. Here is how Zapoj helps you bridge the gaps and bring about a genuinely collaborative virtual workspace Provides you with a unified communication platform that fosters proactive collaboration and communication across your teams A consistent interface that helps bring together your various communication channels under a single, convenient platform Zapoj has built several supporting features for taking care of all types of communication you need to execute when running a company. Some of the services provided include:

  • Situational awareness and Risk intelligence
  • Incident communications
  • IT event communications
  • Team communications and collaboration hub

It enables you to merge agile task management with communication tools. It makes no sense to keep project management and task management separate from your communication channels. Integrating the two spaces allows you to share information quickly, track your work artifacts more efficiently and keep track of your progress as well.

Zapoj has a good set of features like chat, video calls, voice calls, calendars, meeting schedules, and more that help you stay on top of all your agile tasks and keep track of your progress with ease.

Zapoj lets you take care of external communication as well with the help of read-only announcement channels, broadcast news, privacy options for every post made, and support for secure private conversations.


Adopt Zapoj- Looking Into Future, Hybrid Work Culture Will Be New Norm

A recent Gartner study reports that about 74% of companies plan to implement work from home for a considerable portion of their workforce permanently in the near future. As we move towards more technology-aware workspaces, remote work culture will become mainstream work policies. But there will still be a part of the front-line workforce who will continue to work from on-site premises and customer locations.

You will have to adapt to the changing requirements and promote a healthy work environment for both your on-premise and remote workers. As you adapt to such challenging hybrid work culture, Zapoj can ease the transition with its huge array of tools.

Be it team communication, collaboration, remote tracking, task management, meetings, online conferences, remote assistance, or employee safety – Zapoj can take care of it all.

Zapoj can replace your typical office cubicles and let you manage your teams more efficiently than you could in a physical workplace. Zapoj is the panacea for your organization’s digital transformation needs. Besides the various collaboration and communication needs, Zapoj also ensures all your information is kept safe and secure with strong security policies and access control in place. It gives you the power to accommodate the needs of all your employees.


Zapoj Helps Organizations Avoid Shelling Money On Numerous Tools Just For Communications And Collaborations

Just think of all the different tools you would need to use when setting up a remote team.

Besides the IT hardware and base infrastructure, you will need to set up user accounts and establish usage policies for various tools used. Let’s list some of the typical tools that all your team members will need for a smooth workflow:

  • An audio and video conferencing tool for daily project meetings, standup calls, and progress updates.
  • Screen sharing software to help share information during Knowledge transfers, product demonstrations, and presentations.
  • Calendar tool to view and coordinate your team’s schedules and plan project task management
  • Meeting scheduling app to inform your teammates of any meeting, send notifications and alerts on meetup times, keep track of the meeting minutes.
  • Task management tool to keep track of every task within an agile sprint or iteration.
  • Mail clients and mass communication tools for easy email communication and organization.
  • Chat application to catch up with team members as and when required.

There are many downsides to using arbitrary software applications for your remote working needs.

  • It can lead to an increase in shadow IT
  • It can cause security vulnerabilities
  • Data organization and workflow may get hampered.
  • Can cause communication gaps
  • Lack of multiplatform support
  • No data compliance assurance
  • Not all third-party apps will be appropriate to ensure data privacy and confidentiality.

Why go through all the trouble when you have Zapoj? Zapoj provides every tool you need for a smooth and efficient workflow You get a unified communication platform with support for project management. Zapoj gives you all types of tools like chat, video calls, audio calls, screen sharing, calendar, meeting schedules, mass communication, and more. Your data can easily flow across all of these apps with no extra effort required.

  • Zapoj also gives you top-level security protection, data compliance and makes sure all your access control policies are rightly implemented.
  • You can easily share and organize data across your teams with no added worries.
  • Zapoj is also device-independent. All Zapoj applications can be accessed from any type of device, be it a smartphone, Desktop PC, or laptop, helping you to go remote with your work environment truly.


Under Emergencies, Workspaces Is Just More Than Communications And Collaborations

A critical part of remote working that often goes unnoticed is the ability to track your employees in real-time. Zapoj is more than communications and collaborations, it helps you manage your diverse remote teams working from any part of the world. It helps you tackle the challenges of a global team like:

  • Time zone difference,
  • Work shift schedulings,
  • Meeting schedules at the right time
  • And so on with its geolocation features. Get business continuity across your global teams using Zapoj.

With Zapoj, you can track your employees’ location in real-time and support their ongoing work. It helps you ensure the safety of your on-site employees with the help of timely features like

  • Incident reports
  • Automated location tracking with geofences
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Work hour tracking and maintenance
  • BYOD support

Zapoj improves your work efficiency in multiple ways. It helps you avoid micromanagement by letting your managers get real-time reports on their employee’s location and attendance at work. Timely incident reports and alerts also allow you to take the appropriate actions in case of an emergency and ensure your employees’ safety.

You can easily track travel times, optimize routes during service deliveries and let your on-site employees get remote assistance with ease.

Zapoj is your ultimate companion in sculpting a modern workspace that reflects well on the changing times. Equip your teams with the powerful Zapoj tools to help them enjoy their work-life and promote a healthier work environment.