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Real-time emergency information is an important catalyst when employees experience critical events at work. Insurance sectors take up a major responsibility to protect their people following a devastating critical event or upcoming threats. Business continuity can be at stake if emergency response teams cannot speed up the rescue work immediately. 

The workplace safety team in the insurance sectors are aware of their duties of care for their employees. With real-time safety alerts, emergency responders or their security team can keep their employees safe. 

Leaders also take into account that they have to deal beyond usual or typical incidents and they need an integrated tool, which must have critical features, including emergency notifications and deep threat detection capabilities. The best practice to protect employees and manage a better workplace safety is to utilize a critical event management tool. Let us discover how we can ensure and establish the best employee safety in the insurance industry.

Assessing risk environment for employee travel safety 

Insurance needs staff to travel to far-flung areas to take their business ahead of the competition.  It is not business travel every time to handle client communication to discuss new insurance policies and their coverage benefits. Their employees fly out of their office to attend an international workshop, seminar, and research and development for discovering new avenues that help them scale. 

When company employees travel abroad, specific emergency responders have the responsibility to ensure they are safe in the space where they are traveling. It is part of their duty of care. Assessing risk to their travel itinerary helps them reach the employee in harm’s way in real-time and offer enhanced safety. When their people are on the road, they can use location intelligence embedded in a CEM tool to know where they are and how they are going to face critical situations. By offering location intelligence capabilities and real-time notification systems, Zapoj simplifies the process of data harnessing from the associated region and territory. The safety and security team can access real-time alerts from Zapoj when an expected inclement weather approaches or unpredictable active shootout occurs. 

Zapoj has an integrated contact center. Leaders can utilize this repository to store employee information and their travel itineraries. The opt-in member portal gives their employees an easy way to sign up for the emergency alerts.  With contact information accuracy, the emergency and safety response teams know they can track and reach their employees in real-time. If the situation appears more concerning, the safety team can easily share the detailed risk report to their stakeholders and call off the trip.When it comes to travel safety for employees, the growing threats from the COVID-19 can expose their employees to health risks. In order to determine the severity of the COVID-19 risk, they assess the infection ratios in the adjacent localities and territories. Based on their findings on the criticality, they can arrange preventive measures such as arranging return flights for their employees before they could be hit by massively imposed travel restrictions.


Building trust for employee engagement and productivity 

Employees know what could be the probable outcomes to work in harsh winter nights. The conditions would turn out to be even murkier when coupled with the terrible freezing temperatures. Emergency responders in the insurance sectors can handle the situations when they have critical information about the disasters. But, the unpredictability of sudden floods or earthquakes is damaging to the safety of their people. 

In this critical situation, they need to react with immediate action. What they could do is find out where their employees are serving right at this moment. In context to the severity of the critical events, the team rapidly checks with the contact center and traces their presence. 

Zapoj contact center is a ready-to-use and up-to-date employee information center. So, responders can have real-time employee information to reach them. The emergency notifications reach out to every employee stuck in the grave situation and offer help so that they can speed up the rescue efforts. Without any conflicts in the emergency communications and location tracing, rescue teams can avoid information fatigue while they efficiently manage their operations to protect their employees. 

The advancements of two-way communications keep their employees informed about how the rescue operations are progressing and what support their staff can also provide to efficiently reduce the chance of collapse. 

Knowing their employers have allocated the best arrangements for their safety, employees are more eager to be productive and engaged in their work. Additionally, insurance operations also never see any disruptions in productivity due to employee inactivity.


Minimizing minor to severe impacts to employee safety through COP 

Any critical event that erupts has different evolving situations with the changing time. From HR teams to emergency teams responsible to provide a safe workplace or safety to employees, they need real-time information and end-to-end visibility for this particular situation. 


Zapoj helps them build a common operating picture to overlay threat data into the system and derive actionable insights into the future threat landscape in real-time. With contextual information and situational awareness into the situations, leaders could know how they can restrict risks to their people and processes and help keep everything in proper order. 


To maintain business continuity in the insurance sector, leaders can also make great use of a common operating picture to coordinate with the COVID-19 responses. As Zapoj offers opt-in survey options to track real-time disease infection, the COP offers better visibility into employees being infected and suggests better health safety precautions. The process helps manage a safe workplace that does not expose any employee to infections while promoting social distancing measurement efficiently. 


Zapoj uses cutting-edge technology to efficiently provide the best means to prevent the impacts of critical events for the insurance industry and help manage the business operations.


With multilingual capabilities that provide user flexibility and ease of use, Zapoj scales its service offerings as the situation evolves. This is an advanced reason why Zapoj as a CEM scales to offer massive usability for different situations. Its location intelligence, visual risk intelligence, situational awareness are best-in-class technologies to help the stakeholders in insurance industry to react to critical events and mitigate their impacts in real-time. This gives business leaders powerful tools to manage risks and continue their business operations by providing a better workplace for employees. 


With Zapoj in your emergency preparedness plan, leaders can empower their employees and foster business continuity.


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