Platform as a Resource.

Historically, there has been resistance to adaptation of new technologies, platforms or automation and tendency to stick around with the old manual processes or the legacy systems. 

During Crisis, organisations which rely on manual data or managing with semi automation like RPA ,excel files etc may not be able to make timely decision on response / recovery. 

Crisis Management / Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery are Business Critical Functions in today's environment where Organisations have to deal multiple incidents at the same time .The Crisis gets even more complex when your resources are distributed, command and communication is stretched like the Work from home scenario, or a regional incident impacting multiple locations 

Impact of each Incident is different wherein multiple strategies and plans are required to be put in place .This is easier said than done due to frequent/multiple changes in Business, changes in SME/Critical employees etc. As the size of the Crisis /BCM team is generally small ,recovery gets cumbersome and chances of dealing with inaccurate data is really high. 

Though, in an ideal situation all Crisis Management or Business Continuity plans should be rehearsed and tested but in actual it is scaled down /conducted in TTE form or in worst case never tested. Some time when Incident impacts Organisations, Key personal/SME may not be available and the leaders present to deal with Incident has to swift mountain of information manually, analyse and communicate to the stakeholders which itself is an herculean task. 

Enablers like an AI tool which uses multiple tech SAAS based micro service architecture will be a force multiplier ;- Environment Scanning and Early warning (EW) .EW will be accurate to your nearest Facility/Resources AI anticipates Risk and prevents damage caused by disruptions 

Visual understanding and intelligence about critical assets in threat area with dashboards alongwith embedded graphics for easy understanding Automated IT and Incident IOT incident alerting. 

Updated and latest data for stakeholders for decision making, dissemination and communication of the minutes by the CMT/BCM. Automatic meeting scheduler with drop downs 

Communication Platform with failover options like Voice, SMS and Email. AI platforms link the Call tree DB to HRMS system and updates/deletes as per the employee status. 

List of Critical Business with BCM parameters like 24/7 operations, RTO,RPO etc.

Avoids confusion during real time and enables confidence with all involved including the CMT and Business leaders means Situational Intelligence and Common Operating Picture 

Multi use Case Solutions, Cost Optimisation and Superior Integration. 

A realistic appraisal of your CM/BCM capabilities , shedding inertia and projecting a strong case to your sponsors/CEO can help in faster adoption of AI in your Function or Organisation thereby,dealing multiple disruptions with confidence and ensuring minimal impact. 

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