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Why Every Business Need A Emergency Communication Software

Businesses now face an increasing number of threats to their people and operations, from severe weather, natural disasters, and active shooter events to the risk of business-critical disruptions such as cyberattacks, IT outages, and supply chain disruptions. During these critical events, it is the responsibility of leadership to ensure employees are safe, informed, and connected.

Business Continuity Checklist

Effective business continuity planning is a critical component of crisis preparedness, loss prevention, and disaster recovery. While no one can accurately predict when, where, or how critical events might disrupt normal operations, a business continuity plan helps organizations protect personnel and assets as well as avoid unnecessary financial losses during a crisis. This checklist will help you develop a comprehensive business continuity plan, document key milestones, and define cross-functional roles and responsibilities during any critical event.

An Employer’s Guide To Create Inclement Weather Policy

And although companies can’t control the weather, they can lessen the impact of severe weather on their people, business, and customers with an inclement weather policy. A written inclement weather policy outlines your company’s procedures and expectations during severe weather conditions.

From winter storms to extreme heat waves, inclement weather can be a significant threat to business continuity and employee safety.

Table Top Exercises for Crisis Management Teams

In an emergency, critical decisions need to be made fast. These decisions can either prevent, or contribute to, disastrous outcomes. From fires to natural disasters to acts of workplace violence, the heat of the moment is not the time for your people to question what they are supposed to do.

Table top exercises—simulated interactive exercises that test an organization’s Crises response procedures—are an essential aspect of Crises preparedness. In this E-Book, you’ll learn a step-by-step framework for conducting effective table top exercises in your organization that will help participants test, learn, and refine emergency action plans.

Winter Weather Checklist Preparation& Response

Zapoj Developed a standard operating procedure you must follow for each threat Ensure all necessary emergency equipment is on hand and serviceable , Here is the checklist of Things to be considered Before ,During and After

Wild Fire Communication Templates

When preparing to communicate during a wildfire, you should consider what you will need to convey to your audience in various scenarios.

It’s important to tailor your message to different communication channels to ensure that your message reaches the right people at the right time. Here are a few best practices that you should keep in mind when crafting messaging for different channels , download it now

Winter Weather Communication Templates

When preparing to communicate during winter weather, you should consider the different situations that may occur throughout the duration of a storm—and what you need to convey to your audience during each of these scenarios. With many organizations now reopening offices depending on local COVID-19 risks, it’s also vital that employers be able to reliably reach employees regardless of whether they are physically in the office or working remotely.

The templates in this document will help you craft messaging for the most common winter weather events your business may face: