Build a better product recall management with Zapoj CEM

Build a better product recall management with Zapoj CEM

Lately, a renowned online fitness brand is found to recall treadmills from the market in connection with dozens of injuries and the death of a toddler. 

Product recalls more often make headlines, which is quite familiar to industries associated with manufacturing, pharma, and food processing- and everywhere including the automotive industry. Taking initiatives to manufacture quality products could be a great approach. But industry experts could not deny the failures of quality assurance at various points, triggering product recalls more often. Getting a CEM platform to manage your recall campaign process could be an efficient way to resolve the issue at a faster pace. Zapoj CEM simplifies your handling of recall campaigns and offers an enhanced customer experience.  But, before we move to find what Zapoj offers for recalls, let’s know why it is crucial to managing product recall diligently. 

What Constitutes Poor Recall Management

Surprisingly, product recalls can happen at any time- but mechanisms to anticipate and mitigate the risk are hard to sit with top organization leaders or response teams.

When a product is recalled, customers are first to experience its impact, developing a chaotic atmosphere with confusion arising on a managerial level as to how to handle the situations in a proactive manner.

The challenge lies in communicating with managers, regulatory agencies, external and internal stakeholders, distributors, retailers, and customers. This restricts organizations from providing a connected recall experience as effectively as possible. Most importantly, from the executives to the marketing team, building a holistic view across the customer data becomes quite challenging. Siloed data also turns out to be a hurdle in connecting the right customer who needs faster and effective product recall solutions.

An end-to-end customer experience and management is a failure for most organizations when product recall needs faster response times and resolutions. The circumstances can well quantify huge associated risks for companies.

Unmanageable product recall risks

Untimely recall management has many things to draw into its risk territory. There are some serious levels of concerns that are unavoidable if not addressed on time.

  • Customer experience-electronic items or edible items like food or medicines are highly prone to manufacturing defects. But, how companies handle these issues is putting a direct impact on customer experience and their next purchase decisions. Similar to a great buying experience, a faster recall experience must ensure customer-centricity, for which a reliable end-to-end recall process makes it easily achievable. 
  • Penalties and fines-food or medicine contamination, defective automobiles or devices are life-threatening or have long-standing risks to people’s life and safety. Non-compliance with a complex regulatory environment draws huge penalties, fines, or even reasonable imprisonment for violations. 
  • Lost revenues - Labor, raw material, and branding, including manufacturing costs become a waste when there is a recall. Plus, the removal of defective products from shelves or shipment of returns causes a financial burden. There are refunds and other financial pains like the decline in subscription sales or regular sales cost companies lost revenues. Beyond the lost revenues, growth will also start to slow. 
  • Reputational risks -the advancement of digitized information can amount to the carrier of negative news as organizations mismanage recall processes. Social media shares, bad press, and even word of mouth do more damage for them. Reestablishing brand reputation involves shoring up huge investments to do the damage control. 
  • Delays in cost recovery -With millions of dollars in lost revenues, a lot of processes are significantly becoming critical to recovering lost sales. People and processes need to have a fast-track operation, however, the rapid resolution is hard to achieve for management being involved with recall processes. Hence, cost recovery is delayed.

Addressing and handling recall effectively is even more crucial beyond these risks for organizations. They need a complete suite of recall solutions that can easily ensure the identification of faulty batches, notifications, customer interactions, repair, replacement, and finally return of the products.

With Zsuite CEM or Critical Event Management, all these critical product recall management processes seem flexible. Right from end-to-end recall processes to resolution, Zsuite can improve visibility, help lower customer dissatisfaction, and double the customer experience for brands.

Robust Recall Solutions by Zapoj CEM

Zapoj Critical Event Management platform (aka) Zsuite builds a centralized recall solution to keep everyone in the loop, and enables faster collaboration and communication with customers- brands therefore can rapidly build trust and ensure disposition without much fuss and frustration. Zsuite methodology provides a transparent template to keep track of event data on a continuous basis and solve at scale.

Setting the stage for a recall campaign

Customer safety is always at stake when there is a chance of recall. The speedier the recall process,  the sooner a manufacturer can take initiatives to stop defective products from transitioning to different points where panic takes center stage and damages brand reputation.

Zsuite prevents all these risks by integrating into your ERP systems and providing 100% visibility into the products being exchanged from warehouses, distribution centers, and retailers to customers. It centralizes risk data into one single pane to help investigate problems or gaps with specific lots or batches. The ability to detect risks also helps build a targeted recall process immediately to track down defective products sitting with various centers before they reach customers. Furthermore, the Zsuite Incident Management system bolsters recall investigation by identifying the right customers buying or stores selling the faulty products. Zsuite therefore seamlessly builds a proactive response platform to connect and initiate the recall process.

Optimizing various stages of events

With Zsuite advanced analytics capabilities, store managers and staff can leverage efficient product tracking. The process of identifying defective products starts immediately. Right from the supplier, distributor, to retail locations and customers, response teams can easily gather data about them and centralize them to audit various events. This process can speed up regulatory compliance, proper planning of disposition, and accountability.

Zsuite keeps every event in the know and provides full audit records - product release, hold, withdrawal, and more in real-time. With real-time updates, organizations can efficiently achieve accurate decision-making and determine the next proactive steps.

Efficient response management with Zsuite

Product recall initiation, product recovery, disposition, and other resolutions rely on effective response management. With Zsuite critical communications, the product recall communication process follows efficiently via voice calls, automated emails, SMS, and other modes of communication channels.

Response teams work through the audit trails and build SOP to fast disclose the product recall. Using Zsuite unified communication technology, the response team can reach up to 1000s of supply chain distributors including customer locations, thereby solving product recall efficiently.

Zsuite CEM engages everyone impacted by the product recall and provides safety and resolutions at scale.

Simultaneously, real-time event monitoring keeps your response team updated about every event - from initiation to resolution everything is under their control and therefore, a connected recall experience is delivered every time with Zsuite CEM.

Improving future recall response

Zsuite has robust systems to deposit data which you can utilize to build your future recall policy and mitigate risks. Using this data, you can improve visibility into what processes you applied to resolve product recall and what fell short of achieving the targeted processes. By working through loopholes during the recall process, you can identify risk factors, improve the quality of your products, and have enhanced procedures to avoid recalls. 

Having Zsuite CEM installed into your system to allow enhanced recall, you can derive predictable values.

  • Risk detection enables you to withdraw products much before it becomes a critical risk as a product recall, therefore, you can proactively ensure safety for your customers and also prevent any concerns that damage your brand reputation.  
  • Proactive recall response facilitates faster response to solve product recalls, giving a connected experience to customers, thereby, reducing customer confusion and protecting brand value. 
  • With legacy systems, organizations have many irrelevant processes to handle which prolong the recovery or resolution process of recall. By centralizing data, Zsuite improves recovery time and thereby minimizes financial losses. 

Zsuite provides an end-to-end data-driven approach to successfully manage the initiation to resolution for product recall. Zsuite is best for establishing the best possible customer experience. Ask for a demo today.


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