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Critical Event Management Tool for the Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is a bridge that connects suppliers, businesses, and customers. From sourcing raw materials to delivering to the customer doors, the operational effectiveness of the supply chain begins with how the manufacturing leaders build their network strategy.

Prominent global companies have long maximized advantages of location intelligence and visual risk intelligence to effectively drive supply under any circumstances, provided their ability to create visibility across supply chain networks.

Leaders realizing the need to achieve this level of efficiency and agility for their supply chain management, need to tap into real-time data. To build full visibility into the product life cycle, Zapoj supports the evolution of the digital supply chain using its risk analytics and location intelligence capabilities.

Growing visibility that improves supply chain awareness Growing visibility that improves supply chain awareness - with zapoj CEM

It stresses mapping every step of the supply chain route including the delivery network to visualize what is happening and where it is critically going to encounter vulnerabilities. This requires the manufacturing industry to create end-to-end visibility across the delivery network to improve predictability, productivity, and efficiency so that they can improve responsiveness to user demands.

For manufacturing leaders, deriving and combining value through several touchpoints across the procurement of supply chain through to the production, distribution, and customer delivery is key to achieving end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Moving production from one location to another is more than migrating physical assets. Many variables factor in determining the success of supply chain operations and efficiencies. It needs to support the workforce that can optimize the transportation of goods and services on time and fulfill customer demands.

With COVID-19 disrupting global operations, manufacturing leaders must know what restrictions are in place that can impact the supply of raw materials or affect labor participation. Using location intelligence, they can visualize

  • how their network can function.
  • What are the intervals of freights as they need to move goods?
  • Which plants can operate?
  • How can they use delivery networks in certain conditions to fulfill orders?

Visual risk analytics, which is a powerful feature of Zapoj, helps leaders unravel risk patterns, trends about the current circumstances, and of course weaknesses of the supply chain capability. This real-time comprehension is critical to allocating resources and manpower to help establish the right supply chain techniques.

Common operating picture strengthens logistics decisions Common operating picture strengthens logistics decisions - zapoj

The convergence of location intelligence into supply chain management enables manufacturing leaders to leverage powerful operational visibility. Companies prioritizing location analytics are twice as likely to prevent various sources of disruptions to supply chain operations than those who give location intelligence amiss.

  • Location intelligence removing risks out of logistics way

This is a capability that always proves to be a powerful technology that can predict trends in response to location-based events. Helping to monitor phenomenal threats such as natural disasters, extreme weather, political unrest, or man-made disasters- location intelligence can reveal various sources of threat feeds to work with Zapoj visual command center and visualize risk using visual risk intelligence capabilities. This is directly related to how leaders can pinpoint the exact source of disruptions and predict the impact of those threats on production and logistics supplies. If leaders see this as an unavoidable threat, it has a direct impact on the supply chain efficiency.

But, supply chain visibility through a common operating picture prevents the likelihood of operational disruptions- and leaders can optimize their operations depending on evolving scenarios.

  • Establishing the best route for logistics
Establishing the best route for logistics with Zapoj CEM

Route optimization is one of the best benefits that leaders can maximize using location intelligence and visual risk intelligence. While in transit, supply chain delivery may come across unpredictable labor unrest, political unrest, man-made disasters like active shootouts or terrorist attacks. Critical weather conditions like massive snowstorms, heavy rainfalls, or floods can impact the transportation of goods. Lying idle due to these critical events has a direct impact on the bottom line of manufacturing industries as they double down the cost of logistics management, extra labor hours, and stocks not moving out fast.

Using location intelligence, stakeholders can fetch weather feeds or critical information from social media channels, news, media, or through people notifying them through built-in crisis communication channels. The real-time risk feed gives them the ability to predict threats ahead of time about a particular location and asset. They can unravel which route has the maximum exposure to risk or its impacts- and also, which route is safe for navigation without the risk of disruptions to supply chain operations.

Smart location technology captures rich context and situation awareness to provide stakeholders and peers with real-time data that improves decision-making. Enabled by high-end communication capabilities, the emergency response team can notify the transportation or logistics staff of the upcoming threat and suggest better solutions.

Overlaying data with geographic locations helps identify patterns of supply chain transportation or movement of vehicles. Location analytics which is an inherent technology of Zapoj helps manufacturing leaders track an entire supply chain route, and optimize their operations at its best.  As a result, leaders can reap the benefits of utilizing their resources appropriately, overcoming supply-related inefficiencies, and implementing best practices to avoid future threats to supply chain management.

Best viewed as a powerful supply chain intelligence tool, Zapoj makes moving of goods, tracking, tracing, and safety of business operations easily achievable for manufacturing leaders. By preventing supply chain disruptions with an end-to-end operating view of the supply operations, Zapoj offers great transparency and performance to keep up with the production and customer demand. In the end, this critical event management tool offers the best value to manufacturing organizations’ financial objectives and secure future initiatives.

To achieve real-time threat mitigation to your supply chain operations and grow revenues, inquire about Zapoj.


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