What is Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain visibility is the ability to track and monitor the movement of goods from suppliers to customers in real-time. This enables businesses to have a complete and an accurate picture of their supply chain operations, including inventory levels, production schedules, and logistics. Improving supply chain visibility can improve supply chain resilience in several ways:

  1. Early warning of disruptions: With improved visibility, businesses can detect potential disruptions early and take proactive measures to mitigate their impact. This can include rerouting shipments, finding alternative suppliers, or increasing inventory levels.
  2. Faster incident response: Improved visibility allows businesses to quickly identify and respond to disruptions, minimizing the impact on operations and reducing downtime.
  3. Better risk management: With improved visibility, businesses can identify and assess potential risks and take steps to mitigate them. This can include diversifying suppliers, implementing inventory management strategies, and developing contingency plans.
  4. Improved supplier relationship management: By monitoring supplier performance, businesses can identify potential problems and take steps to address them before they become disruptions.
  5. Increased efficiency: Improved visibility allows businesses to optimize their supply chain operations and reduce costs. This can include reducing inventory levels, improving production schedules, and streamlining logistics.

Overall, supply chain visibility is a key component of supply chain resilience, as it enables businesses to better anticipate, respond to, and recover from disruptions.

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