How Can You Keep Retail Employees Safe with Zapoj CEM? zapoj vectors

How Can You Keep Retail Employees Safe with Zapoj CEM?

Decision-makers would be more reliable on data, analytics, and context towards providing safety to their retail employees. That’s why some leading organizations prefer leveraging the CEM platform to get location-aware technology and visual risk intelligence. Zapoj CEM is indeed a competent tool to provide a significant amount of threat capability to ensure safety for your employees. Discover the relevance of Zapoj CEM in the retail ecosystem today. 

Retail is expanding beyond closed territory into more diversified spaces - dispersed warehouses, logistics, different units of establishments, and more isolated departments to deal with customer interactions and provide customers experience. To offer a more connected employee experience and safety, a 

With so many sites to observe, the retail workforce is no longer limiting their services to onsite only. They are more of a mobile workforce today - they are off-field, in-the-air, or on-the-road so that retail operations can run smoothly.  Retail growth hinges upon the active participation of each of the workforce from the respective fields. Retail employee safety is therefore the impetus that can ensure unprecedented retail growth. 

However, ensuring employee safety in retail spaces can be a daunting task. With half of your workers performing varying levels of responsibilities at different locations- some are business travelers, lone workers, or regularly at office space - organizations, business leaders, and stakeholders are facing new challenges. The inability to ensure employee safety can prove organizational burnout and make employees vulnerable to security and safety risks. 

Retail facing employee safety challenges

Critical events are increasing the frequency of physical threats to your employees. 

To comply with the global work environment, keeping employees safe is not just a responsibility, but a matter of moral duty. Regardless of where and how your employees are working, they are now exposed to global threats more than ever. 

Natural disasters, active shootouts, infectious diseases - and any critical events can be major threat risks to their life and safety. Not offering sufficient employee protection for your dispersed employees can have a direct impact on productivity and final output

At the same time, retail can sustain operational risks without enough support from its major workforce - operation across front service departments, warehouses, security departments, and more places could stop. This is evidently a recipe for growth disasters as customer experience sinks, leading to a drop in sales, and lost revenues.  

Although severe in nature, these challenges are not hard to combat for retail leaders. Location-awareness technology with built-in capability of real-time communication is a critical component that scales your employee safety efforts and ensures excellent efficiency. Leveraging Zsuite CEM, your targeted mission-critical rescue operations can work to keep your people safe. 

Retailers can ensure employee safety with Zapoj Critical Event Management

Workplace violence impacts your on-site employees, while a natural disaster or infectious disease can increase vulnerability for both on-site and off-site employees.  Location-aware technology in this particular situation provides effective results and accelerates rescue operations for your impacted employees. Zapoj helps you leverage its outstanding features to their fullest potential before and during critical events and save your people. 

Gather threat data

Zapoj CEM Suite (aka Zsuite)  can pull in data from a wide variety of sources like social media channels, government portals, news sources, and public safety agencies. Built-in AI tools help extract accurate data out of noise or non-validated information so that you can overlay data on the command center and build situational awareness. This gives you the power of risk intelligence into the evolving situations as they change with time. Categorizing risk severity and urgency can therefore become simple for retail emergency or response teams of your organization. 


Derive location data

For your increasingly retail mobile staff, a traditional safety system falls short of expectations. But, with dispersed employees in remote locations or moving between offices, Zsuite can track their locations in real-time using geo-targeted location capabilities. The built-in system allows your employees to sign up for opt-in features, which enhances the geo-target functionality and helps reach the right employee only when impacted. AI-powered Zsuite CEM helps you keep the contact center up to date, so identifying the right location of your employees even if they are away is not a tough job. Additionally, using geo-fencing in Zsuite maps, it will be easier to trace employee locations in real-time and with precision. 

  • You can predict the expected location of your employees- who’s where and when. 
  • Find the last known location of your employees. 

Alert your workforce

As threats ensue, the most critical job is to notify your people and keep them informed without making them feel thwarted by unforeseen threat potentials. Zsuite gives you context to threats, helping you achieve an accurate threat picture and build an emergency communication that reaches only the right person in harm’s way or to fall prey to critical situations in the next few hours.  Availing the real-time location-based alerts gives you the instant capability to alert your employees with proper SOS and help them get out of danger in no time. With so many critical features like AI-based risk intelligence, Zsuite automates evacuation during an emergency or helps mitigate risks. 

  • Leverage multimodal communication channels to target employee outreach using SMS, mobile app alerts, voice call, and also desktop alerts. 
  • Two-way messaging capabilities ensure confirmation that your employees are safe. 
  • Reduce information fatigue while saving time with pre-populated message templates for faster emergency response. 

Zsuite builds situational awareness into its CEM, making reaching out to people in crisis effortless. Different critical situations can dramatically benefit from Zsuite. Here’s how- 

  • In times of infectious threats like COVID-19, using risk intelligence and location awareness technology is the easiest way to get end-to-end contact tracing. This helps you send threat notifications to your traveling employee and keep them safe. The same approach helps with containment and reduces infection transmission in retail premises too. 
  • Situational awareness and effective communication also help you combat critical situations like active shooter incidents. For your traveling employees, you can ensure safety before any critical situations escalate into a disaster. 

Improve future response

Zsuite orchestrates its dashboard with pre-configured monitoring capabilities. This is an advanced technology to track and pull in threat data in real-time. Also, it monitors how your response teams unleashed rescue efforts or remediation plans during an emergency. You can get all of this active data as an essential incident report. By auditing and analyzing these reports, you can improve your future response and make your retail operations more resilient and efficient. 

Zsuite CEM empowers your emergency preparedness plan. You are confident to protect your people anywhere in the world and in any location while at duty with retail operations. Ensuring employee safety boosts overall operational productivity and efficiency, which also effectively helps improve customer experience, boost sales, as well as profitability. 

In a threat-prone environment in today’s world, Zsuite CEM fits your emergency preparedness kit to help you achieve resilience and build customer trust. Ask for a demo today. 


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